Configuring WordPress to Send Emails Through SES

Now that your account is out of Sandbox mode, you’re ready to start sending emails through SES. There are two main ways to do this – you could configure your site to send the emails through SES via SMTP, or you could use the SES API and send the emails programmatically.

For best performance, Amazon recommends using the API. The reason for this is that while simpler to set up, SMTP is a more complicated connection which requires multiple requests to authenticate with the server. On the other hand, API calls can send over everything in one request, which is definitely beneficial when sending thousands of emails per day.

To help with setting up WordPress to send emails over the Amazon SES API, you can use our newly acquired WP SES plugin. While we’re working on releasing a new version with a revamped UI and improved feature set, this plugin still has everything you need to configure WordPress to send over SES:

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